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"I will never collect another piece of behavioral data by hand"

--An animal keeper who understands the power of technology, as well as the value of her time. 

Behavioral data is considered the gold standard for understanding an individual animal's welfare and setting animal care standards. 

The problem?

What data to collect?

Who has time to collect data?

How should the data be analyzed?

What do these data mean?

Decisions are untimely

Habit Technology

We are a technology consulting company that specializes in automatic behavioral and environmental data collection


We know that data based decisions enhance the lives of animals under human care.


We want to build the infrastructure that will empower our like-minded clients to do just that. 

Domestic Animals


"Animals are telling us what they want and need, we just need a way to be better listeners."

Providing animals with their best life starts with understanding how to create environmental that produce the best outcomes. Learning about these environments, and ensuring that they continue to produce desired effects requires specialized data collection. 

Dometic Animals

Set welfare standards. 

Creating best practices requires the best behavioral data possible. This means continuous, automatic, and meaningful data delivered to your computer. Now

Habit Tech's software brings you useable data, automatically


Green Forest

"My data is in the field, I am not. There has to be a better way."

There is.

Habit Technology's software integrates with your hardware and delivers your data to your computer, anywhere, anytime, automatically. 


Get me my data. 

Habit Technology's software integrates with your hardware and delivers your data to your computer, securely, continuously, automatically. 


"I have an idea..."

Don't fit into one of these boxes? Wonderful! 

We want to hear from you. 

Contact Habit Technology and let us know how we can help. 

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